Mirimar Beach Destin Florida Owner Vacation Rental

Rules & Reg & Pet Policy to the Maravilla
Miramar Beach Destin, Florida

Maravilla is across a 2 lane street but there is a ped crosswalk. This is not a gulf front unit and most units do not have a view.

Here is a list of things to bring to make your trip more enjoyable:

Extra sheets, closet hangers, sunscreen, beach towels\blankets, flashlight for crab hunting at night, cards and games, float\air machine, sunglasses, snorkel\mask, camera\film, radio, clothes detergent, toiletries, hair dryer, toilet paper, paper towels, coffee\filters, tennis racket\balls, garbage bags. TOILETRIES ARE NOT PROVIDED.

Please inspect the unit upon arrival and call immediately with any damages. Please locate blue parking passes in unit and place on your rear view mirror. RETURN PARKING PASS TO UNIT OR THERE IS A $5.00 FEE. . Do not write on parking pass.

Lockbox is hanging on the doorknob of unit. Punch in code, press down on top black button and pull out. Keys are inside. To put keys back in lockbox: punch in code and hold down on black button until you insert combo into box, then release. Please put keys back in lockbox when departing or there is a $25.00 charge. If you do not find your unit is satisfactory condition, please call Becky at 850-650-2796. Club house code is 531.

The GATE CODE and the BEACH CODE is 1524. No smoking is allowed in any of the units. If you smoke outside, please do not throw cig. on ground and please keep door closed so smoke will not get into unit. Please put in trash. No loud noises at any time. No loud music is allowed.

If property manager is called, you will forfeit your deposit. No rollerblades, skateboards, scooters allowed. No children under 12 years of age allowed in hot tub.

Pool hours are 10:00 am-10 PM. Swim at your own risk.

Children must be potty trained or wear swim diapers. Do not let children jump on bed!! Do not leave doors & windows open while A\C is running, this is very important!!! If you leave these open while unit is running, it freezes up therefore you will not have cool air. The frig. takes 24 hours to adjust the temp. once groceries are place inside. Try to keep door of frig closed till temp is normal.

Please clean grill after each use.
Do not take sheets and blankets to the beach.
Please bring your own beach towels.
There is beach chairs rentals for an extra charge.
All linens and bath towels are furnished.
Shake sandy articles before putting into washer.
Clean dryer vent after each use or lint will catch fire. The washer and dryer are not full size therefore wash small loads of clothes and towels.
NO colored sunscreen or red colored drinks in unit.
Do not feed seagulls from balconies.
Do not hang towels from balconies.
Trash must be taken to dumpsters avail by the tennis courts.
Please no trash outside the unit doors.
Load dirty dishes into dishwasher. You do not need to start the dishwasher as the cleaning crew will take care of that.
Take sheets off beds and sleeper sofa.
Take out trash.Turn off light's & TV's.
Please leave unit in tidy condition as you found it.

If cancel within 30 days and unit is not re-booked, you may forfeit entire rent money. If maximum occupancy is exceeded, you may be asked to vacate the property and forfeit any rental payments.

Check-in is after 4:00 PM CENTRAL TIME (please no earlier) and check-out is at 10:00AM sharp. If not out by 10:00 am, deposit will not be refunded. If you check-in early, the unit may or may not have been cleaned. Once you have brought your things into the unit, the unit will not be cleaned if it hadn't been already.

Departure: Double check for belongings, they will not be mailed back. IF UNIT IS LEFT A MESS THE COST FOR EXTRA CLEAN UP WILL BE TAKEN OUT OF YOUR DAMAGE DEPOSIT. Turn A\C to 80* in summer & 60* in winter when departing. Lock keys in lockbox and lock door behind you. Deposit will be mailed back within 30 days of departure if unit is left as found and rules are followed.

But most of all have a great vacation ~~~ don't forget the sunscreen!

Hurricane Policy: Full/Partial refunds are only given when and if official mandatory evacuation is enacted.

Pet Policy:

Please try to keep pet in one area of unit so the pet hair will be contained in one area. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON BEDS, SOFAS OR FURNITURE. IF THERE IS PET HAIR FOUND ON THESE PIECES THERE WILL BE AN EXTRA FEE TAKEN OUT OF YOUR DEPOSIT FOR THE ADDITIONAL CLEANING. The keeping of a dog, cat or other pet is not a right of an owner\guest but is a conditional license. This conditional license is subject to immediate termination at any time upon finding that a pet is vicious, is annoying to other residents, has in any way become a nuisance or if any of the conditions listed below are not met. This license is subject to the following conditions:

1- All pets must be on a leash and under the control of a responsible party at all times when outside a unit or home.

2- A pet must not be curbed or tied at any place on the grounds, unit balconies or porches\decks of homes. In addition, pets must not be left unattended on a unit balcony and never to be left unattended in any public place.

3- A pet walk area has been established on the grounds at the north end of the building. All owners of pets shall be held strictly responsible to immediately collect and properly dispose of the wastes and litter of their pets. Should a pet owner fail to clean up after his pet, the Association shall perform this service and bill the renter accordingly. Pets should be kept off the grass when walking anywhere else on the property.

4- No pets are allowed inside the pool fence or tennis courts, on the sand dunes, boardwalk areas or beach.

Failure to follow the above policy may result in the removal of the pet and \or a fine and the deposit forfeited.

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