Mirimar Beach Destin Florida Owner Vacation Rental

Rules & Reg & Pet Policy to the Mediterranea
Miramar Beach Destin, Florida

Failure to follow the above policy may result in the removal of the pet and \or a fine and the deposit forfeited.


1. PETS - Owners only are allowed pets in their units and on the condominium property.

a. Pets must be on a leash when on the condominium property
b. Pets are not allowed in or around the pool area.
c. Pets must be curbed on the East, North or West side of the condominium property.
d. Pet wasted must be immediately picked up and properly disposed.
e. Please have complete control of your pet at all times.

2. The GENERAL USE of the recreational facilities shall be restricted to owners, their immediate family, their guests, rental guests and their guests.

3. Regulations posted at poolside shall be observed at all times.

4. Tennis court gates will be closed after each use. When using the tennis court and others are waiting restrict your play to two hours.

5. Nothing at any time is allowed to be hung or displayed on the exterior walkway, balcony railing, outside wall or any part of the common elements.

6. No one must throw, drop or otherwise allow anything to fall from any balcony or walkway to the ground or to another building level.

7. Children are not permitted to play in the corridors, gardens, elevators or stairways.

8. Owners and guests are requested not to enter the elevators dripping wet.

9. Feeding seagulls from balconies or walkways is not permitted.

10. Please use the poolside shower prior to entering the pool when returning from the beach.


11. Use of the PARTY ROOM is restricted to owners, adult members of owner's immediate family and guests when accompanied by the owner.

12. PARTY ROOM doors will be locked, lights and A/C turned to 78 degress after use.

13. Children are not ever allowed in the PARTY ROOM unless accompanied by an adult.

14. After use the PARTY ROOM must be left in a good and clean condition.

15. The PARTY ROOM may be reserved for private use by owners. Please contact either the maintenance manager or the owners' association manager.

16. The BOARD of DIRECTIORS reserves the PARTY ROOM for open house activities on all HOLIDAYS and ASSOCIATION MEETING days.



* Mediterranea is across a 2 lane street but there is a pedestrian crosswalk. This is a gulf front property and you do have direct gulf views.

* Mediterranea does NOT allow the parking of trailers in the parking lot. You will be ticketed. If you have a trailer you may want to contact a local storage to hold it for the remain der of your stay.

* Toiletries are not provided

* Tents are not allowed on the beach

* Please inspect the unit upon arrival an d call immediately with any damages.

* If you do not find your unit is satisfactory condition, please call Becky at 850-650-2796.

*Maintenance problems can and do arise. Refunds will not be given for typical wear/tear maintence. Refunds will not be given if the renter has to be moved to another unit.

* No loud noises at any time. No loud music is allowed. If property manager is called, you will forfeit your deposit.

* No rollerblades, skateboard s, scooters allowed.

* No children under 12 years of age allowed in hot tub. Pool hours are 10:00 am- 10 PM. Swim at your own risk. Children must be potty trained or wear swim diapers.

* Do not leave doors & windows op en while A\C is running, this is very important!!! If you leave these open while unit is running, it freezes up therefore you will not have cool air. The frig. takes 24 hours to adjust the temp. once groceries are place inside. Try to keep door of frig closed till temp. is normal.

* All units are fully furnished with utensils, linens, towels, washer/dryer. Nothing in the unit is to leave the unit!!!!!! You may want to bring your own beach towels.

* Clean dryer vent after each use or lint will catch fire. The washer and dryer are not full size therefore wash small loads of clothes and towels.

* NO colored sunscreen or red colored drinks in unit.

* Do not feed seagulls from balconies.

* Do not hang towels from balconies.

* Trash must be taken to dumpsters. Please no trash outside the unit doors. Additional trash left behind in unit, unless disposed of in a unit trashcan, can result in forfeiture of some or all of damage deposit.

* If cancel within 14 days of arrival and unit is not re-booked, you may forfeit entire rent money.

* If maximum occupancy is exceeded, you may be asked to vacate the property and forfeit any rental payments.

* Check-in is after 4:00 PM CENTRAL TIME (p lease no earlier) and check-out is at 10:00AM sharp. If not out by 10:00 am , deposit will not be refunded. Departure: Double check for belongings, they will not be mailed back.

* Load dirty dishes into dishwasher. You do not need to start the dishwasher as the cleaning crew will take care of that.

* Take sheets off beds and sleeper sofa. Take out trash. Turn off light's & TV's. Please leave unit in tidy condition as you found it. IF UNIT IS LEFT A MESS THE COST FOR EXTRA CLEAN UP WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR DAMAGE DEPOSIT.

*Turn A\C to 80* in summer & 60* in winter when departing. Lock keys in lockbox and lock door behind you. De posit will be mailed back within 30 days of departure if unit is left as found and rules are followed. But most of all have a great vacation ~~~ don't forget the sunscreen!

Rebecca Henson

Vacation Rentals by Owner